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Before those chilly fall nights, make sure your house is prepared for the upcoming decrease in temperature. Having a heating maintenance check-up right when Fall approaches can prevent unanticipated problems from occurring during the middle of the winter. You won’t even have to prepare for the cold, we will do it for you!

Regular heating maintenance is the best way to ensure quality operation and absolute performance. Pre-season maintenance is also an important element of heating maintenance. Regular maintenance will help you avoid a system failure, and can also keep your energy bill from getting out of control. By having an HVAC contractor evaluate your heating system at least once a year, you will avoid unwanted and unexpected breakdowns. Without the yearly inspection, a system’s problems will go undiagnosed which will lower the lifespan of the system and decrease its value greatly.

Smart Air Heating Maintenance

Top 5 Benefits of Annual System Maintenance:

  • Increase System Efficiency:
    • Regular tune-ups can make your system run at or near original factory specifications, depending on the overall condition and age of the system.
  • Save Money:
    • When heating equipment runs efficiently it doesn’t have to run as long to do the job, so you save a lot on utility bills.
  • Catch Problems Early:
    • Potential problems, if caught early can eliminate the need for larger, costlier repairs.
  • Increase System Reliability:
    • Issues with your system can happen at the worst times. Our precision tune ups allow potential problems to be repaired and keeps your units running efficiently. This results in a more reliable system and decreases the chances of an inconvenient break-down during the cold winter season.
  • Prolong Equipment Life:
    • Properly maintained units don’t have to work as hard to heat your home. Less wear and tear on your unit, means a longer equipment life span.

Whatever type of system you have, don't wait until it breaks down to call Houston Smart Air Cooling & Heating Inc. for service. A clean, well-inspected heating system will save you money on your heating bill and help protect your investment. To keep your loved ones warm throughout the year, give us a call for a free estimate and to schedule our heating maintenance service!