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Have you been in your home when the air conditioning unit stops working? If you have, then you know how blisteringly hot a summer afternoon can get in Texas. That's when you should call Smart Air. When you need service, our Houston air conditioning repair technicians can provide same day or next day repair to get your home back up and running.

Without a properly working air conditioner, your home can become unbearable. Call our Houston AC repair technicians at (281) 809-6444 for a free estimate.

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When you work with Smart Air, our industry trained technicians can evaluate your home’s air conditioning system, identify exactly what the problem may be, offer repair solutions that take your budget into consideration, or work with you to install a new unit if your current one cannot be repaired for less. Unlike other AC repair services, we only suggest the most important repairs that address your problem at the lowest cost.

We Can Assist With The Following Air Conditioning Issues:

  • Air purification
  • Blowing warm air
  • Broken thermostats
  • Comfort zoning systems
  • High electric bills
  • House not cool enough
  • Indoor air quality
  • Noisy equipment

We can provide a range of Houston air conditioning repair solutions on any kind of brand, make, and model. Depending on the extent of the repair, we can get your home back to a place of comfort and peace in just a few hours.

How Long Should An Air Conditioner Run?

How long your air conditioner runs really depends on a number of things, such as how warm it is outside. In temperatures that are more moderate, an AC unit may only run for roughly 15 to 20 minutes a cycle. However, in hotter temperatures you can expect your air conditioner to run for longer. Other factors that can influence this include how much space the AC needs to cool, what the thermostat is set at, the type of insulation you have, as well as the size of the unit and your home. However, if your air conditioning system is continually turning on and off, also known as “short cycling”, you may be in need of a repair or replacement if the system is older.

Causes Of AC Short Cycling, Include:

  • Air filters that have become blocked or obstructed by dirt and debris
  • An oversized system
  • Mechanical issues, such as the evaporator coils freezing
  • A lack of refrigerant
  • Electrical issues

We recommend consulting with a Houston air conditioning repair expert as soon as you experience this problem. They will be able to inspect your AC, determine the cause of the issue, and the repair needed to get the system back up and running.

Don’t fret over a broken air conditioning system. Call (281) 809-6444 to speak with an experienced technician today.

What Does It Mean When Your AC Blows Out Hot Air?

If an air conditioning unit is blowing warm air, the most common cause for that is typically a dirty air filter. When an air filter is dirty, air can't properly flow from the unit through the ductwork. This issue strains the AC and causes it to blow warm air.

Other reasons for an AC to blow warm air are problems with a setting on the thermostat, low refrigerant, or electrical issues. The most simple to fix problem is simply incorrect settings on the thermostat. Always be sure to double check the settings are set to cool and the fan is set to auto.

Low or leaking refrigerant is a fairly common cause of this problem. Unfortunately there is not a good DIY solution to this problem. A professional will need to inspect the unit and make the necessary repairs if this is the cause. If it's not the refrigerant, it's possible the air ducts are leaking, which would also require professional assistance.

If the outdoor unit looses power it can create problems with the vent, which would cause warm air. The best thing to do in this situation is to check the circuit breaker. However, if this is a regular problem it would be best to contact an AC repair expert.

Why Choose Smart Air?

In a city the size of Houston, there are always options for air conditioning repair services you can use. When it comes to providing the service you can rely on, Smart Air stands out from the rest. We have helped countless homeowners throughout the area when their AC does not turn on, when parts of the unit stop working, when water is pooling around the unit, and more.

Our Houston AC Repair Team Stands Out From The Competition Because:

  • We provide honest and trustworthy service along with free estimates on AC repair
  • We are committed to the highest quality repairs
  • We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • We are family owned and operated
  • We have been recognized for our exceptional repair work

Need air conditioning repair in Houston, TX or the nearby area? Call (281) 809-6444 for a free estimate with an elite member of our unparalleled service team.

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