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Say-No-to-Duct-Cleaning Why we don’t recommend duct cleanings:

In order to understand why we don’t recommend any sort of duct cleaning for flex ducts, you need to know how flex ducts have been designed and made.

Imagine a spring that is wrapped with a very fragile layer of plastic and over that is the insulation. It blocks the heat from getting in or out of the duct. Around that is the outside cover.

If you ask yourself, why would you want to do a duct cleaning? A possible answer would be because you have an old duct system that has been sitting in the attic or inside the walls for over 10 years, and it has collected so much dust inside of the ducts that you want to have cleaner air inside the house.

First you have to know how ducts were designed. The fragile layers of plastic around the spring, over the years in the attic’s heat, have gotten even more fragile. In some cases, they even hold their shape the way that they were installed, because they have never been moved, and if we try to move them around they will break from inside.

The two most popular ways to clean a duct system are with a vacuum or a brush. With a vacuum, we simply blow at one side of the ducts and suck from the other and with a brush, we insert it into the ducts and try to collect dust.

Remember you wanted to clean your duct because it had been sitting in the attic for a long time, let’s say you go with the vacuum method to clean them, now when a duct cleaner tries this method he could cause an increase or decrease of pressure inside the duct. This would cause the little fragile plastic to stretch in or out, which is not good for a duct that aged. It will also cause cracks inside the ducts.

Or if you use the other method and use the brush, in this method the brush itself would break the interior of the ducts when they try to insert the brush inside the duct. These cracks are very small and you won’t be able to see them if you hold the duct in the daylight, or even if you use a camera to look inside the duct. After the duct cleaning, it will seem like everything is operating correctly, but over time, when you turn the air on, those cracks will start leaking out air.

When the cold air from your air conditioning and the heat from your attic are combined, it will start to condensate and the moisture that is collected over time is a good place for Algae or mold, that you won’t be able to see, grow. Even after the duct cleaning, because we have air flow inside the duct while the system is running, the airflow will slowly be sucked into the duct insulation, and be blown inside the condition space. Very small particles that are invisible to human eyes will be collected inside of the lungs and pose danger for humans. These small particles can also cause cancer and other type of problems.

At Smart Air we always pay attention to details because the health of our clients is our number one priority. We don’t recommend that any of our clients get a duct cleaning. If you have questions about dust, you can ask us for other solutions. We offer various solutions that improve your indoor air quality without risking your family’s life and safety.