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Residential Duct Work Without duct work in your home, your heating and cooling system would not be able to properly distribute airflow. Air ducts help turn the unconditioned air from the HVAC system into newly conditioned air. Your home’s duct work system is just as important as the equipment used to cool and heat your home. Furnaces and air conditioners require a certain amount of airflow in order to run properly. This airflow is passed through the air ducts, so they are the main components to the air quality.

Residential duct work is unique because every home is unique and has different requirements when designing the duct work system. Each room should have proper airflow and that’s when the construction can get tricky. At Houston Smart Air Cooling & Heating Inc., we are experts at installing and repairing air ducts for residential homes. When it comes to your air ducts, we will use our same inspection techniques and preciseness that we use with any other HVAC system. Even though the air ducts are hidden and not easily accessible, we will cover and inspect all areas to be thorough. Since they are unseen to you, doing a full air duct inspection can make you aware of necessary repairs that are needed. Full inspection will ensure peak energy efficiency, help eliminate odors, and reduce the potential for mold growth.

To make sure that the air ducts in your home are allowing your HVAC system to work properly, call Houston Smart Air Cooling & Heating Inc. today!