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Smart-Air-Heating-Installation Are you moving into a newly constructed house? Is there an office building in the construction process? Don’t forget about the vital detail of having heating installed in the new building! Houston Smart Air Cooling & Heating Inc. will install your heating system during the construction process to make sure that you move in with all the necessary furnishes. We also install brand new heating systems in replace of the outdated or defective unit you currently have.

Over the years, heating systems can start having problems. When they are just as old as your house is, they can start approaching the end of their life. Installing a new unit can help you save money and energy due to the new technology and the upgrade. When we arrive to give you your free estimate, we will assess your home and provide you with a quote for the new system. We will measure each room in your home and take into account every little detail like the windows and insulation. We will compare your current system and rate it compared to its energy efficiency and how it fits with your home. We will then determine what system is best for your home and present you with the best options according to your preferences. When we have met a decision, we will schedule a convenient to complete the heating installation, based on your schedule. When the installation is complete, our work is still not done. You can count on us to follow up and make sure that you are 100% satisfied.

To schedule your free estimation for your heating installation, call Houston Smart Air Cooling & Heating Inc. today!